Allon is located in Seguin TX and opened its doors in 1981 as a broker and transportation provider for all major markets. W.A. Swanger, once a truck driver himself, worked to become head of transportation at a nationally known poultry distributor, and used his passion and knowledge to start his own company. He and his son, William Allen Swanger, formed Allon Logistics, Inc (a combination of their middle names, Alonzo and Allen) and began to operate as a family-owned and operated brokerage business. Over the years, the Swanger family decided to take on their own trucks to service their customerís needs and expand what they had begun years before. Allon and the Swanger familyís common core values prove that an extra sense of purpose and pride, along with a strong commitment, can provide an outstanding company for both employees and customers. Thirty years later, Allon still relies on its founderís passion and undeniable knowledge of the transportation industry, to successfully continue as a high quality transportation provider and brokerage. †

We are one of the few transportation providers who can effectively service long haul markets, select major regional markets, as well as Texas only markets. Here at Allon, our drivers are our most important investment. All of our drivers possess numerous years of experience, nd are dedicated to getting your freight safely from point A to B. We have given our drivers the best tools and equipment to be productive and efficient. All of our equipment is cycled through our own vehicle maintenance facility, located right off I-40 in Brownsville TN, conveniently one of our most commonly traveled routes. All of our tractors are under 5 years of age, performing at top notch industry standards. We provide satellite tracking on all tractors and trailers to ensure direct freight movement. At Allon, we want the best for our drivers and customers, so we strive to fulfill that promise.

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